by Jessica Jerome; Anti-Bullying Liaison / Communication Liaison

Anti Bullying Day at the Wejgwapniag School, Gesgapegiag.

For the years I walked down the bare hallways with nothing but my head facing the ground.
I often wondered why me, why did they have to pick me. I think a lot about what happened in my school life and think about, “if I had one chance to change it all would I?”
Looking at who I am today makes me realize that everything that I went through has its purpose even though it is hard to see why I am still here fighting for those who are or are going through what I went through.
When I look into the eyes of those who need me, gives me strength in becoming a better individual makes me want to hold my head up high, even though to this day I fight a silent battle on keeping my head from falling down. I wish I could stop my eyes from starring at the ground instead of starring at the world in front of me.
I still carry psychological damage from being bullied, but also I carry the strength of what I went through, and where I am today.
Sure I had to move away at the age of 15 from my only friends and family to live in a city I’ve never been too before. But I realize those high school years where the best years of my life, I learned how to live again to raise above the barriers that I felt where in my way. Those years I got the chance to know my own brother who I never really knew until I lived with him alone in Fredericton, he gives me courage and love.
I still carry the scars on my body from the past but they are not a bad reminder anymore, they remind me of how far I have come.
My hands no longer hide my tears; they make beautiful pieces of art work instead.
Those who have ever done any wrong to me in the past, I am now able to look at them and smile as I see them teaching their own children right from wrong.
To me that is why I had to experience what I experienced in life to see all I have done for many by my own actions, by my own role modeling I was able to change many people’s lives just by simply being there for others showing by example.
Forever in my own heart I carry those smiles of hope that things will change, even if for one day.
On February 23, 2011 I am proud to say that I seen a great deal of hope and support within my small community of Gesgapegiag. On this day we all united as one to support a cause started by two teenagers who wanted to make a change. For me that is what I wish to do, if I could just reach one person to me that am the greatest gift I could ever hope for because within that shows hope for our future generations.
Never give up is the message I would like all children to know, because one day things can change just keep your head up high.