Chief Norman Bernard of Wagmatcook

Chief Norman Bernard of Wagmatcook. Photo by George Paul

On behalf of my community, we were honoured to have hosted the Wagmatcook 2011 Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Summer Games. Our community embraced and took on the challenge of hosting such a great event and from feedback from other Mi’kmaq communities, it was view as a huge success. I praise the community spirit of Wagmatcook and the networking of Mi’kmaq communities throughout Cape Breton Island and the mainland.

Regional Aboriginal First Nation Chief Morley Googoo had a vision that one day our communities will be able to rekindle the sportsmanship spirit in the hearts of the Mi’kma’ki people. This vision became a shared vision among our Chiefs and it spread like wild fire among our community neighbors. What began as one person’s reflection of the past led to a domino effect of interest and passion among our people across Mi’kma’ki.

The first of the second set of Summer Games began in Membertou. As promised the Wagmatcook Chief and Council eagerly accepted the passing of the torch from Chief Terry Paul to Chief Norman Bernard in the 2011 Summer Games.

Hosting such a major event takes a lot of time and dedication from many people. The community of Wagmatcook recognized that teamwork was needed in order to pull a major event together. In the last few months, the volunteers and the Summer Games Committee met numerous times to make sure that everything was organized and ready for the actual event.

I thank each and every volunteer from Wagmatcook and all the volunteers that came from the surrounding areas to make these games successful. Everyone worked very hard and I truly appreciate the time and effort that they spent to make this a memorable experience.

The youth council and the Elder’s committee of Wagmatcook worked diligently to support and welcome all our visitors from neighboring as well as our own community members. The Elders and the youth were very excited to see so many athletes, friends and visitors come to our community. The Elder’s centre was a great place to drop in, have a snack, play waltes and reminisce on the good old days.

The continuing growth of these committees is a reflection of what the heart of Wagmatcook is all about. I sincerely thank both groups for coming together and helping out during the Summer Games.

The spirit of sportsmanship is very much alive among our Mi’kma’ki people. The Wagmatcook 2011 Summer Games was an indication of this energy. On behalf of the Wagmatcook Chief and Council, the Elders, the youth, and all community members, I would like to extend a very warm thank you to all athletes, spectators, Mi’kma’ki neighbors and Regional AFN Chief Morley Googoo for their continuing support of sportsmanship in Mi’kma’ki land.

As the host of the 2011 Summer Games, I Chief Norman Bernard, look forward to passing of the torch to the Chief Leroy Denny of Eskasoni First Nation as the host of the 2012 Summer Games.

Yours In Spirit of Sportsmanship, Chief Norman Bernard.


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