by Asley Julian, MMNN Contributor

Healing oneself through Gratitude

MK Questions:

  1. What is your name, age, hometown?
  2. Current occupation and place of residence?
  3. Tell us more about your Journey of Forgiveness.
  4. What is your goal for the Journey of Forgiveness? What steps will you take, and how will you know when you’ve reached it?
  5. What have you learned so far? What has been the most surprising thing you’ve learned to date?
  6. What role does your education play as you go along your Journey? How has it impacted and influenced you?
  7. Can you tell us about one of your favourite moments since you’ve begun?
  8. What advice can you give others looking to pursue their own Journey of Forgiveness?
  9. What’s in store for you in 2012? What are you looking forward to?
  10. Bonus, fun question (answer any or all :)): Favourite: place to travel? way to spend a weekend? hobby? thing to do in your hometown? movie/tv show?