Retired Chief of Bear River, Greg McEwan was at the Centre recently to lead a work-shop on weaving baskets.
Greg says “ For centuries the Mi’kmaq have been weaving various materials through necessity. All of Beartown’s baskets are made by hand, using materials from the local forests. Our baskets are one of many expressions of Indian art.
Materilas for our products are created by split-ting, hewing and pounding with a heavy object. The separation of the growth rings is achieved through this method. Each basket has it’s own character and no two are the same, therefore making the finished product a perfect gift.”
Check out the new supply of Greg’s baskets in our gift Store.
Thanks to all who participated: Valerie Francis, Karen Prosper, Florence Walsh, Jean Martin, T.J. Martin, Audrey Staples, Kathy Kent, James Paul, Sue-Ann Graham, Mary Nicholas, Donna White.

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