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The Independent Assessment Process is a component of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement (the Settlement Agreement). The Settlement Agreement was created with the intention of reaching a fair, comprehensive, and lasting resolution of the legacy of Indian Residential Schools (IRS).
As part of the Settlement Agreement, the IAP was developed to provide a non-adversarial adjudication of individual claims of abuse arising from or connected to the Indian Residential Schools system. The IAP is intended to resolve claims of sexual and serious physical abuse, as well as other wrongful acts that caused serious psychological consequences to the claimant.
The September 19, 2012 deadline for applications to the Independent Assessment Process (IAP) is mandated by the Settlement Agreement.

Adjudication Secretariat Mandate

The mandate of the Indian Residential Schools Adjudication Secretariat is to implement and administer the IAP under the direction of the Chief Adjudicator in an independent, objective and impartial manner.
The IAP compensates for three categories of claims:

  • First, sexual and physical assaults, as particularized in the IAP, which were committed by an adult employee of the residential school or another adult who was lawfully on the premises;
  • Second, sexual or physical assaults, as particularized in the IAP, committed by one student against another at residential school, in which case staff knew or sho ...
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