by Nigel Gloade; Communications Officer Trainee, Millbrook

(L-R) Chief Bob Gloade being sworn in by Dr. Donald Julien. Photo by Nigel Gloade

At the Glooscap Heritage Centre on Monday, March 19, 2012, Millbrook’s 2012 Swearing in Ceremony took place. The Chief and Council of Millbrook were sworn into office by Dr. Donald Julien. Lawrence Paul former Chief of Millbrook (Lawrence was Chief and a Councillor for over 30 years) and Philip Martin Sr. former Bus Driver (Philip was a Bus Driver for the Millbrook students for 42 years) both received a recognition of service plaque. Light refreshments were served before the ceremony, the Glooscap Theatre room was filled with Community members and two Government Officials Brian Skabar (MLA Cumberland North), and Buddy Walzak (Acting Deputy Minister Aboriginal Affairs). Brian Skabar gave a speech on behalf of the Province. Former Chief La ...

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