by Garnet Brooks, Lawyer, Wickwire Holm

With an increase in Aboriginal entrepreneurship in Canada, there is an increasing desire for entrepreneurs at all stages to become more informed on the basic legal concepts which concern them and their respective businesses. There are legal consequences to owning and operating a business. There are also unique considerations that are particular to being a status Indian entrepreneur in Canada that should be made by Aboriginal entrepreneurs.

Garnet Brooks is a business lawyer, an experienced entrepreneur and Aboriginal. He practises law at Wickwire Holm in Halifax. Garnet writes “Entrepreneur Law” articles in order discuss and bring awareness of some of the important legal issues entrepreneurs may encounter as they venture into the world of business.

The Business Partnership
Imagine this: One evening while watching the TV show, Dragon’s Den, a spark of entrepreneurial inspiration suddenly dawns over you. Your excitement grows and you know you have just come up with the next big thing. The next day, unable to contain your growing excitement, you decide to share your idea with your close friend. With your friend also loving the idea, the two of you then make the decision to turn your idea into a business venture. Presto, welcome to the world of business partnership. This article will review some of the basic principles and consequences of business partnerships.

There are a various types of partnership structures, such as limite ...

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