by Mimiges Brownroad, MMNN Contributor

Greetings. This time I would like to write about our fresh food stuffs, from merged perspectives of both modern ecologically-minded and our cultural ideas.

In speaking with friends, other L’nuk, some would say that our ancestors were not farmers and that gives us the reason to not worry about being farmers now. I believe there are many misconceptions with that idea and stance.

First of all, a very long time ago our ancestors within Mi’kma’ki helped cultivate some food, just in other ways than some Indigenous farming cultures. Too often in mainstream society people view that our ancestors were not agents of change, but they were. The difference is that many centuries ago our people were part of the ecosystems’ patterns so that the change they affected were simply balanced/adapted within the whole system. The plants, animals, and people were all in a careful, functioning web. I ...

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