by Kyle MacKay, Courtesy of the Weekly Press

Indian Brook youth attending the grand opening of the new centre. The Weekly Press

Youth in Indian Brook have a new place to gather. In a combined effort from Community Center staff, and the three youth groups and councils, a formerly drab room has been transformed into a bright and bustling center for the groups to gather.
There are three groups that will use the room. The six-nine year old youth group, which is headed by Ashley Augustine, the ten-fourteen group, which is headed by Stacy Julian, and the youth council, which is led by Keigan Sack, and is for fourteen – nineteen year olds.

“It feels good to have something just for us,” said Sack early last week, “we used to have to share our space with other groups. It was really hard to get time.”

The Youth Council are responsible for a majority of the events for youth that go on around the community. From ski trips, to dances, they try to be involved and get the youth engaged.

Later on this month, the 14-19 youth council have planned a Walk-A-Thon. The date and other details for the event are still to be announced.

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