by Mimiges Brownroad - Contributor

For new readers: the “brownroad” is the one that combines ecological (green) thinking and cultural (red) thinking together to address certain concerns affecting the Earth or society today.

Greetings my fellow Mawi’omi enthusiasts and summer travellers. I wonder what kind of map we would end up with if each drum or dance group were to carry a GPS and mark their routes this summer. That’s a good social-environmental-cultural research project right there.

Culturally, I love the idea of travelling and joining communities in celebration. Ecologically, I have a hard time when considering how much fossil fuels and environmental damage goes into the PowWow Trail or summer travelling. I believe we do have to face facts and talk about these kinds of issues, we should be more open with calculating our ecological footprint as Mi’kmaq on our own traditional territory. My teachings were never that the Earth was created for us to use and abuse; I was taught that we are humbly only a part of the great puzzle or web of Creation. Just because we have certain abilities that other animals and plants do not (such as industry and technology) does not mean that we have the right to ignore the needs of the Land herself.

Here are some of the environmental concerns during summer travels and some Brownroad suggestions I have to address these:

1) High use of fossil fuels to drive the distances