by George Paul -

Eskasoni Chief and Council are pleased to announce that the newly established Eskasoni Corporate Division has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Valard Construction Ltd., of Halifax on June 12, 2012.

The Agreement has been under consideration for several months and brings the corporate arm of the Eskasoni Band into a close working relationship with Canada’s largest power line and energy transmission contractor. The agreement enables the Eskasoni Corporate Division to participate in renewable energy projects on a scale that would not be possible without this partnership.

The Agreement enables Eskasoni residents to participate in training and apprenticeship programs throughout Canada and be an equal partner in business ventures throughout Nova Scotia.

“With the focus of most of Canada shifting to the development of renewable energy, it was critical for the Band’s economic future to align itself with a highly-regarded leader in the field” said Chief Leroy Denny of Eskasoni. “Now we can move forward confidently with the knowledge that no energy project is beyond our capability… this was a major element in our economic development vision and today it has been realized”.

Valard, with over one-thousand specialized employees is currently involved in partnership agreements with several First Nations across Canada. They have been a leader in the field for thirty-five years and have offices in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Grand ...

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