by Heather Knockwood - SKW Pastoral Council/Environment & Communication Promotion

On June 27, 2012, while sitting at the table at my mother’s house (Geno Knockwood), I was passed the smallest note in my life. It was a tiny piece of cardboard paper that said John. I asked, “What is this?” The little girl (Gabrielle Knockwood) said, “It is an invitation, please go outside”. It was an invitation for a memorial service for my father, the late District Chief John Knockwood for Father’s day. When I went outside I saw a candle, a picture of my father, and a Tim Horton’s cup filled with rose petals. The cup had John written on it, in the same fashion as my smallest invitation I ever received. The candle was it. My family was asked to all stand up and form a circle and bow our heads to pray. We all prayed the Our Father. Gabrielle then asked us to repeat after her and she picked up another small note. She read please say, “I love John”, so we all said, “I love John”. Then she picked up another small note and said, please say it again. We all replied, “I love John”. I looked at Gabrielle and she appeared to be done, so we all clapped our hands. I couldn’t resist picking up the two notes, they both read, “I love John”. After that, Gabrielle gave us all a piece of bread. Gabrielle then showed me a napkin and asked if this would be good to take a collection. I replied yes it would be good to use. Gabrielle then went to everyone and said, “I am taking collection”. Someone had told her she could keep the money for herself, as it was ...

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