by Adele McSorley, MMNN Contributor

“Mapping provincially and federally funded disabilities for First Nations with disabilities in Nova Scotia”

“Identifying Critical Pathways of Access to Provincially and Federally Funded Disability Programs and Services for First Nations Living on Reserve in Nova Scotia” is a province wide project sponsored by the Mi’kmaq-Nova Scotia-Canada Tripartite Forum. The project will map out, identify barriers, and in some cases clarify jurisdictional issues and misunderstandings regarding access to disability programs and services for First Nations persons of all ages with disabilities living on reserve.

Confusion exists at the community, provincial and federal levels about jurisdictional responsibilities for program and service delivery and that can make it hard to access services when they are needed. This project aims to clear up misunderstandings and to find out what kinds of federal and provincial programs and services are available, how to access them and who delivers them. The project will also ask community members about what’s missing in disability supports and how that could be improved so that persons with disabilities can participate fully in society. In addition to visiting all First Nations communities in Nova Scotia to ask individuals about their experiences, the project will collect and review information about disability services from agencies such as Health Canada, Office of Aboriginal Affairs, Department of Health and Wellness and Depart ...

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