by Garnet Brooks - Lawyer, Wickwire Holm, Business Law Group

With an increase in Aboriginal entrepreneurship in Canada, it is increasingly important for entrepreneurs to ensure they are familiar with some of the basic legal concepts that concern them and the businesses they operate. There are legal consequences to owning and operating a business. There are also unique considerations that are particular to being a status Indian entrepreneur in Canada. Garnet Brooks is a business lawyer, an experienced entrepreneur and Aboriginal. He practises law with a focus on providing legal services and advice to business and entrepreneur clients at Wickwire Holm, in Halifax. Garnet writes “Entrepreneur Law” articles in order to discuss, and bring about an increased awareness of some of the important legal issues entrepreneurs encounter as they venture into the world of business.

In previous articles he discussed sole proprietorship, general partnership, limited partnerships, and corporations as business structures. This article will discuss an aspect of contact law, and specifically, a common mistake made by businesses, particularly new businesses and entrepreneurs when contracting.

Legal Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make – Get it in Writing!

“This case is yet another example of the all too frequent situation where parties in on-going commercial relationships fail to set out clearly the incidents of that relationship once it became apparent that the commercial relationship would become long-term rather than short-term in ...

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