by Erin Harlow - Youth Contributor

The Band is pleased to hire summer students who are working in the community this year doing various jobs and building their working skills.

Kerry Payson has been holding summer activities and some include taking age groups to Hatfield Farm Petting Zoo, Rissors Beach, Upper Clements Park, and more! Have Fun Kids !! Enjoy your summer !!

Lacrosse Nova Scotia came to our community to do a workshop on July 18th. This is a great free way to see if community members would enjoy the sport. Sports equipment and proper instruction was provided and a good turnout; everyone enjoyed theirselves.

August Birthday Greeting go out to: Clarke Charles, Cheyenne Mary, Donna Copage, Margaret Fletcher, Victoriana Gregory, Kirkland Henshaw-Meuse, Evan McConkey, Dawn McEwan, Greg McEwan, Kody McEwan, Royden Messer, Frank Meuse, Doreen Copage, Kaitlin Copage, Steve Meuse, Janette Muise, Cole Pardy, David Peters, Corinne Porter, Belinda Skerry, Christopher Swinamer, Nathan Waterman, Murray Finnigan, Tony Baker, Jordan Peck, Sarah Harlow-White, John Harlow-White, Blake Barton, Madison Barton, Leeann Copage, Michael MacDonald and Rachel Paul.

The Mi’kmaq of Bear River

Long before the French arrived to this area in the 1600’s the Mi’kmaq people lived here on the land they call L’sitkuk which covered Digby and Annapolis Counties. They existed in harmony with the land and sea, respecting them and only taking what they needed. They rode their sea-going birch ...

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