by Chief Bob Gloade, Millbrook First Nation

Lenore Zann and Qualin Brooks at the Millbrook Powwow 2012. Photo by Nigel Gloade, Millbrook

We have been having a busy summer in Millbrook. Our employment numbers are good, with over twenty students employed in different parts of the community. Summer students have been offering camps that have kept our youth busy and engaged. In July and August, the Millbrook’s St. Anne’s day and Millbrook’s Annual Powwow were fantastic events for families.

The Millbrook band has employed over twenty students during the summer months of 2012.  The students are busy providing sports and recreation camps, also working with Millbrook Maintenance, and helping local businesses on the reserve. Additionally, one student has been hired to keep the Millbrook Youth Centre to open between the hours of 4-10 p.m., Monday to Friday. T ...

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