by Nigel Gloade, Millbrook

Russell George presenting a dream catcher for Millbrook. Photo by Nigel Gloade

The Millbrook’s Warriors were eager to welcome and meet two Lacrosse Hall of Famers Travis Cook and Russell George. Travis and Russell came down to Millbrook for the weekend to share with the Millbrook Warriors their lacrosse history and tactics, Russell brought his tools to teach Brian Knockwood and Zachary Julian how to make a Traditional Lacrosse Stick. The Warriors were excited to learn new moves and team positioning that Travis Cook had to offer them. Travis showed our players some unique techniques to help them accelerate together as a team. During the weekend Travis and Russell got to learn about our Mi’kmaw culture. “It was a great experience, following the ways of our ancestors and doing it how they did” said Zachary Julian “it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I’m proud to have been a part of that”. There are only five traditional Lacrosse stick makers in the world, Brian and Zachary will achieve traditional stick makers status after Russell’s next trip to Millbrook in March 2013.


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