by Nigel Gloade, Millbrook

The sasquatch target was popular with the youth. Photo by Nigel Gloade

On September 9, 2012 the Millbrook 3D shooters hosted their third 3D shoot this year. The club members set up two separate courses, to prevent congestion from the using one course for the day. The courses were located behind the Millbrook Community Hall on the Medicine Trail. The courses contained 40 targets ranging in size from a poison frog to a moose; some other exotic targets include a sasquatch, panther, alligator, dinosaur and plenty more.

The People of Mi’kma’ki have a deep heritage with archery, we’ve used archery for hunting and competitive events for centuries. The Mi’kmaw used to make bows from one unsplit piece of maple. They would use a stone axe, a knife, and oyster shells to craft the shape of the bow. The arrows were made of cedar as cedar was light and could be split straight easily. The arrowhead was made from a bone, fletches made from eagle feathers were highly regarded for straighter shots.

The Millbrook 3D Shooters Association helps to promote our traditions and culture to the community members and anyone else that wishes to participate. The last shoot had 50 members and 10 youth from the Millbrook 3D shooters in attendance. Despite the heavy rain in the morning, the turnout was a great with over 170 participants signed up. Most competitors stayed to finish the shoot, in the afternoon the sun was out and the ground was soaked. The Millbrook 3D Shooters Association would like thank the sponsors of the 3D shoot: Glooscap Trading Post, Mike Sack (Mainland Juggage), A.L. Seafood, Rainbow Netting Rigging, Bob Gloade, Terry French, Jim Prodger, Dave English, Dion Boat Builders, Hunt Outdoors and Oceanview Fisheries in Sambro.

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