by Nigel Gloade, Millbrook

Chief Bob Gloade is a proud supporter of Sun Country Highway and their goal for a E.V. charging station infrastructure, Canada wide. Photo by Nigel Gloade – Millbrook

On Wednesday, September 19, 2012, The Glooscap Annex received a new electric vehicle charging station provided by the Sun Country Highway Company. This new E.V. charging station will provide plugin electric cars with a complete charge within three hours; which will provide enough power to travel over 300 km. When the electric vehicle is charging, the driver could spend their time visiting the Truro Power Centre. The Truro Power Centre is the third location in Nova Scotia and the first Mi’kmaq reserve to have an electric vehicle charging station. The president of Sun Country Highway, Kent Rathwell stated “Electric Cars have been around for hundreds of years but failed because of the infrastructure. We didn’t have the charging stations but now we do, there will be about 200 charging stations in Canada by the end of this year.” The Millbrook First Nation welcomes the greener alternative and hopes to see more electric vehicles in the years to come.

Sun Country Highway Ltd. is a progressive Canadian owned company leading the electric vehicle movement across the nation by raising awareness and promoting the adoption of zero emission transportation. Founded by president Kent Rathwell, Sun Country Highway was created to build the most sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in the world.

“I was given the chance to test drive a 2014 Tesla Roadster provided by Sun Country Highway. My doubts that an electric car couldn’t be as fast as a gasoline powered vehicle was quickly obliterated; The Tesla Roadster had more speed in its performance than I have imagined in an electric car.” said Chief Bob Gloade.

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