Dec. 2012

On November 2nd 2012 a new Chief was elected in the community of Indian Brook. Rufus Copage (354) defeated four other candidates to become the new Chief. Mr. Copage who had been a councillor in the past ran for Chief in the last term but was defeated by Jerry F Sack. Mr. Sack did not run for the position of Chief in this election but did return as a Councillor. Also running for the position of Chief were Councillor Ron Knockwood (311) David Nevin (127), Lance Bernard  (30) and former Millbrook Chief Lawrence Paul (164). Mr. Knockwood was very close behind Copage with a difference of only 43 votes. Returning to office as Council were Thomas J Howe (520), Doreen Knockwood (361), Keith Julian (359), Colleen Knockwood (422) James Nevin (305) Alexander (Butch) MacDonald (405), and Ronnie Augustine (320). Newly elected members were Michelle Glasgow (404), Earl Sack (320). Mike Sack (337), Thomas Maloney (278) and former Chief Jerry Sack (320). Indian Brook Chief and Council took office immediately but were officially sworn in on November 10, 2012. Congratulations to you all!

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