The Metepenagiag First Nation located in Northern New Brunswick on the banks of the southwest Miramichi River is New Brunswick’s oldest community. Known as “the village of thirty centuries,” the Metepenagiag First Nation is hard at work on the development of a seafood restaurant that will form an integral part of their Outdoor Adventure Lodge and feature live seafood and locally harvested fish.

Built in 2000, Metepenagiag’s Outdoor Adventure Lodge currently offers tourists a unique stay which combines salmon fishing on the Miramichi River, dining, lodging and other activities. Since that time, visitors from around the world have enjoyed this unique tourism experience. Early in 2012, community leaders began discussions on ways to expand the services offered at the Outdoor Adventure Lodge Restaurant and ways to enhance the long-term sustainability of Metepenagiag’s commercial fishery.

Working in cooperation with the First Nation’s Commercial Fishery Management Team, the Chief and Council arrived at a decision to go forward with an economic development plan that would involve major enhancements to the restaurant’s food services and a strategic diversification of the First Nation’s commercial fishery. The community’s Commercial Fisheries Management Team worked hard to put together the Commercial Fisheries Business Plan along with a work plan, schedule and estimated costs. The result was a business concept designed to increase revenues for the re ...

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