I would like to say thank you to Shannon Googoo (Forbidden Tanning) for her generous donation of $50.00 dollars to support our Millbrook Women’s Club meeting, in which it was held on November 29, 2012. I would also like to thank Bryan Brooks (Councillor of Millbrook) for donating $50.00 dollars to also support our Millbrook Women’s Club. Thank you to our guest speaker Corporal Walker (Millbrook RCMP). I can not say thank you enough for your generous support and thought-fullness! Our topic that night was on Bullying!

Donations for the meeting:
Shannon Googoo- $50.00
Bryan Brooks- $50.00
Natalie Gloade-$50.00
Total money donated. $150.00

Transparency of Money donated to Millbrook Women’s Club (Break down)
Sobeys Food Store- $58.60
Dollarama Store- $81.39
Shampoo Sets- $35.00
Total = $174.99

***Extra money ($24.99) was paid by President for Millbrook Women’s Club Natalie Gloade

Next meeting will be in Jan. 28,to Feb. 1, 2013 on Governance!

Happy New Year to all my relations! May the Great Spirit guide you in all that you say and do!

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