by Erin Harlow

January Birthday Greeting go out to: Marion Charles, John Copage, Raymond M Copage, Donald Freeman, Cindy Bowers, Gean Gregory, Morrisa Gregory, Charlie Harlow, Marlene Joudrey, Chester Lewis, Christine Lewis, Jody Lupton, Josh Meuse, Thomas Meuse, William Meuse, Tamika Meuse, Anastasia Nevin, Shaine Pictou, Ryan Paul, Kerry Payson, Michael Pictou, Evan Porter, Tonianna Robinson, Ryan Spencer, Randy Salsman, Frank Wood, Coralee Comeau, Dakota Fletcher, Alexia Lennox, Matthew Lutz and Victorine Meuse.

Pictures from the winners of the Photo Contest have been blown up, framed and hung on the three bathroom walls. Chosen photos are Cody Joudry, Tammy Morrison, Alex Morrison, Amber Potter, Samara Harlow, Clara Harlow, Tamika Meuse-Pictou, Rosie Meuse and Lacey Bowers. Feel free to stop by and take a look at them, thank you all for the photos submitted.

A great celebration of a Community Christmas Dinner was planned and organized by Kaitlin Harlow on December 19, thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make this a great evening and thanks to our community for coming together for this wonderful event. Great job done!
Kerry Payson, will be filling the Acting Band Manager’s position officially January 14, 2013! Good luck to you!

Our community wishes you a Safe and Happy New Year!

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