What is the Fisheries Management System?

The fisheries management system has been designed to be a one stop place to go for fishery managers to obtain information regarding the operations of the community fishery. The program is an internet based database system used for recording and reporting information on the happenings in the community fishery. The program has been made available free of charge to all First Nations communities that wish to utilize the program.

The program has been designed to record and provide information in a number of different areas including people or human resources, boats, licenses, quotas and fishing trips.

The idea for the fisheries management system came from a meeting of fishery managers where the need for a tool that could be used to assist with the management of the fishery was identified. That concept took hold and the Atlantic Policy Congress (APC) began to develop the Fisheries Management System (FMS).

The initial concept was for a database system to be installed in each community on a computer. The initial specifications of the database were completed and a database design company was contracted to develop the software. Technical issues plagued the initial release of the program and it was found that providing remote support to the communities for these technical issues was becoming a challenge. It was also found that when changes or corrections to the program were required we had to depend on the third p ...

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