by Dan Ennis

Dear Editor:

With apologies to the Ancestors

The Saint John River Valley that our people have always known as the Wulustuk River Valley is our homeland and has been so for thousands and thousands of generations. At the time of contact our Ancestors referred to it as Ski-gin-ee-weekog or “our Indian Homeland”.

Our people were placed here by the Great Creator along with sacred instructions to love, honour, respect and protect our homeland along with our Sacred Earth Mother. We lived by those sacred instructions right up to the arrival of those European invaders.

We are taught that we corrupt and degrade, and dishonour and disrespect our sacred teachings and all of the efforts of the Ancestors to live, preserve and pass-on our sacred teachings when the present generation allows the destruction of our homeland and our Sacred Earth Mother.
Our present generation has not, and is not, doing a very good job in living our original instruction of respecting and protecting our Sacred Earth Mother. Hence the need to apologise to the Ancestors.

In the many, many millennia that we have lived in our homeland we left NO ecological footprint. Our homeland was a paradise on Earth, as clean, pure, pristine and perfect as when Great Creator placed our Ancestors here.

But it took the European invaders only a very short period of time to desecrate, destroy and to lay waste to our once pristine homeland.
Our beautiful h ...

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