by wife Margaret Johnson-Poulette & compiled / edited by George Paul, MMNN Contributors

A portrait of the late Alex Poulette.

Mi’kmaq Music Icon Alex ‘Pi’kun’ (Feather) Poulette Remembered

It’s has been over two months now when a great Mi’kmaq musician, Alexander “Pi’kun” (Feather) Poulette left our Mi’kmaq family too early at the age of 61 on February 21, 2013. The news travelled quickly throughout the Mi’kmaw Social Net with great sadness and with many saying what a great loss not only to the family but to the Mi’kmaq Nation.

Pi’kun was the son of the late Joseph and Susan (Denny) Poulette. Pi’kun’s earliest musical influence was his brother, Jimmy David Poulette. Before each major performance, he would offer up a prayer to his brother and to his mother Susan for strength to get through the performance.
For 45 years, Pi’k ...

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