by Sheila Isaac, Program Manager, Indigenous Women in Community Leadership, Coady International Institute

Outdoors 5This past May, the Coady International Institute at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, NS celebrated its 3rd year of the Indigenous Women in Community Leadership (IWCL) certificate program. 15 Aboriginal women were accepted this year from across Canada, 11 are First Nation, three are Métis and one is Inuit (Nunatsiavut). Together they represent seven provinces, seven First Nation tribes (Assiniboine, Blood, Carrier, Cree, Delaware, Mi’kmaq, and Ojibway) an array of languages, traditions, songs, stories, experiences and Indigenous knowledge.

To celebrate the uniqueness of our visitors, the IWCL program hosts an annual “Welcome Feast”. We would like to extend a thank you to a couple of our Mi’kmaq hunter/fishermen, Craig Christmas, Membertou, who donated moose meat and Kerry Prosper, Paqtnkek, who donated salmon and eel. It is with community support, we are able to provide Mi’kmaw traditional foods ...

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