by Erika Perrier, MCG Jr. Research and Education Officer, MCG

Tricks & tips to successful tree planting!

The Mi’kmaw Conservation Group (MCG) team needs your help planting trees this summer! There will be black ash, white spruce, and other native trees to Mi’kmaki. We will be traveling to each Community to run a 1-day event that will talk about black ash conservation, restoration, and the importance of native trees. Afterwards, tree planting will take place in the Community. In order to give each tree a chance, the MCG team has selected sites best suited for each tree type. MCG, with help from our Funders, will provide the trees and tools necessary, all we need is YOU!

Tools for planting trees:

  • Tree-planting shovel;
  • Dibble-head tool;
  • Mulch;
  • Wooden stakes; and
  • Flagging tape.

Do you plant different trees in different sites?

Yes! Black ash do not like shady environments, rather they prefer to have sun shining on their leaves. They like wet soils, such as those in wetlands and bogs, or by lakes and streams.  In contrast, white spruce can survive in a variety of places. It does not mind the shade, and often grows in old abandoned farm fields.

How do you plant and take care of small trees (under 1 meter)?

To plant small trees, a dibble head is the best tool. A dibble head punches a small hole in the ground, like a hole-punch. After placing the tree in the hole, pinching the soil around the tree’s base ensures the root structure ...

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