Lew Crews President of NSACL spoke in reaction to the Premier Dexter’s announcement, “This marks the beginning of a new era for persons with disabilities in Nova Scotia. We are thrilled at this announcement. NSACL is particularly heartened by Premier Dexter’s statement that living independently and being included in one’s community is a basic right for everyone. The government has done its homework: consulted with persons with disabilities, civil society and senior professionals to commit to developing a roadmap that focusses supports and services on the people who need them to live rich and full lives in communities alongside family and friends.”

Government announced a major shift in how persons with disabilities and seniors will be supported in their communities to live at home in their communities close to family and friends. The Province has committed to three actions immediately that will effectively launch the new paradigm of how people are better served to meet their individual needs: single easy portal for programs and services, a demo that will enable families to show how they can better develop community based housing instead of institutions and developing new legislation that is – importantly – modernized, person-centred and community based.
“This is not just good for people with disabilities but everyone including seniors who want to live in their communities and who simply require supports and services to do so thereby greatly enha ...

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