Local governments have an opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed revisions to the federal Policy on Additions to Reserves/New Reserves until September 30, 2013. UBCM is requesting a copy of any member feedback submitted to AANDC on the revised policy by September 13, 2013, so that a consolidated member response may be submitted prior to the feedback deadline.

The Additions to Reserve (ATR) policy sets out the conditions and issues to be addressed before land can become reserve. The policy was created to fill a legislative gap, as ATRs are not addressed in the Indian Act or other federal legislation.

The UBCM First Nations Relations Committee has been monitoring the ATR policy review since December 2010. The Standing Senate Committee on Aboriginal Peoples conducted a review of the policy, culminating in the November 2012 report, Additions to Reserve: Expediting the Process. The Government Response to this report indicated that it would take action on issues raised by the Standing Committee, committing to: