Dear Editor:

Our communities by and large are lacking good governance. People lack a sense of community and they do not have a voice. There is a lack of transparency and accountability. People do not have access to financial reports, they have no idea what plans (if any) the Chief and Council have in store for the future of the community, they are victims of favoritism and not everyone is treated fairly. Good leadership is lacking!

The Indian Act Chief and Council form of Government copies the municipal, provincial and Federal Governments. It can be argued that these forms of Governments are more concerned about issues impacting on the next ballot box and not on issues for the betterment of future generations. We were taught in Aboriginal teachings that we must make decisions based on the impact such decisions have on seven generations in the future. That is the Aboriginal way!
In the past, the best hunter, the best fisherman and the strongest were all looked up to because they were able to provide for the community. They provided a sense of security for community members. Not anymore, it is everyone for themselves with a few exceptions. In addition. there was always checks and balances. Roles were given to the Elders, women (especially in tribes that practiced a matriarchial society) and others in the community. Now, most of our communities are administered under the Indian Act and are administered by an elected Chief and Council with ...

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