by Atlantic ADI Team, MMNN Contributor

Anyone that is affected by arthritis understands the physical challenge that lies ahead of them. Though it can be difficult to get started, due to the pain and frustration, physical activity can be a healthy and natural way to deal with arthritis.

Physical activity will help to lessen your pain as well as make your muscles stronger, and also gives added strength to your bones while preventing the onset of osteoarthritis. It will also help you maintain and even improve your joint movements and do your posture and balance a world of good. Physical activity also helps keep your weight in the healthy range which will give your bones and joints a great deal of relief.

There are tons of other benefits to using physical activity to treat arthritis pain; including relief from muscle tension and lowered stress levels, while enhancing the body’s shape and making you feel better all round. However, before considering physical activity as a means to get arthritis pain relief, you should always ask your doctor to help put together the best activity program for you.

Though planning for some exercises on your own can be done, it is never a bad idea to get advice from a certified fitness coach who can help put together a weekly program for you to help maximize both your progress and level of fun. There will soon be training taking place in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, where one or two people from each community will be trained as a personal trainer. Find out ...

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