As part of the Louisbourg300 celebrations, Parks Canada and Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources were pleased to share a remarkable Mi’kmaq legend with the launch of a new video which retells the Mi’kmaq eel legend and the fall of Louisbourg in the 18th century.

Did eels change the course of history? This is a short video told in three languages, Mi’kmaq, English and French. You can watch them on YouTube by searching for UINRtv or by following the links at

“Through storytelling and original drawings by Dozay Christmas, this video brings to life an important legend in our culture about the close relationship between the French and the Mi’kmaq people,” said Lisa Young, Executive Director of Unama’ki Institute of Natural Resources. “The Mi’kmaq share in Louisbourg’s history and now this connection will be shared with a global audience thanks to our partnership.”

“This is a compelling historical connection between the Mi’kmaq and Louisbourg that survived in the Mi’kmaw culture as a legend,” said Chip Bird, Field Unit Superintendent for Parks Canada places on Cape Breton Island. “Parks Canada is honoured to partner with the Unama’ki Institute of ...

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