by George Paul,

John F. Toney Provincial Election Journey

(L-R) John Frank Toney and Premier Darrel Dexter.

(L-R) John Frank Toney and Premier Darrel Dexter.

Premier Darrel Dexter may still be scratching his head on how his majority government lost in the Nova Scotia Provincial Elections on October 8, 2013 but if there is one Win that could come out of these elections, it was how Eskasoni voters came in droves to support their own NDP candidate, John Frank Toney.

Despite Toney’s loss in the Victoria the Lakes Riding, which also included Wagmatcook, it was in a way an Eskasoni Win. A total of 1165 people voted in the provincial election in Eskasoni, with a poll percentage rate of close to 70% and new record high for Eskasoni. Out of the 1,907 votes Toney received in his riding a staggering 996 votes came from Eskason ...

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