by Dr. Vance Kruszewski, MMNN Contributor

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith /

Image courtesy of Maggie Smith /

As the nights get cooler and the days get shorter, the risk of falling outside becomes more of an issue. Slipping on frosty steps in the morning, tripping over a loose rock in the dark driveway, falling on ice hidden under snow – all these situations are possible this time of year. However, there are some steps you can take to help prevent falls and stay safely on your feet!

Tips for preventing falls:

  • Keep driveways, front steps and walkways well-salted/sanded, especially on nights calling for frost.
  • Wear supportive, non-slip footwear.
  • Use ice cleats on your shoes when walking outside. These are inexpensive yet effective devices that fasten over the bottom of your shoe to grip ice and snow.
  • If you walk in the early mornings or in the evenings, use a flashlight or wear a headlamp.
  • Ensure driveways and walkways are well-lit. Motion-sensing lights are a great idea for making sure you have light when and where you need it!
  • Exercise regularly! Muscles that are strong will help you keep your balance if you do start to slip.
  • Have your strength and balance tested. A Doctor of Chiropractic or other qualified health professional can test your strength, steadiness and balance, as well as provide advice on exercise, nutrition and keeping healthy.