by Carol Busby, Manager, EWPC / MMNN

When Velvet Paul calls from L’nu Sipuk Kina’muokuom School (LSK) I know we are in for an adventure here at EWPC. The last time she called we worked together on her Mi’kmaw language workbook; L’nuey Klusuaqn Wi’katikn, and what a success that was. We are still getting calls on how to purchase this book. However, this time she had a different project for us. Velvet wanted to create a poster that represents our youth and the role they play in our community. At first it was going to be a few posters but as the word got out that number increased and we had to stop it at 10.

The posters were designed by Evangeline Dedam here at EWPC, with help from Velvet and myself. We wanted to showcase what each child or youth had accomplished so far in their careers. We were not disappointed in what we had to work with.

Ten members of the Sipekne’katik Band were chosen for the posters. They were Connor Dennis, Therin Nevin, Chase Nicholas, Bryson Knockwood, Cory Knockwood, Tasha McKenzie. Kreshia Robinson-­-Paul, Roman Sack, Mike Sack JR, and Mike Willis JR.

Velvet wanted to allow people to see what a positive role model these students are, who all varied in age and where they attend school. Dream, Believe, Achieve is what the poster was based on. Each winner provided a brief bio of what they have accomplished so far in their sports careers. The great thing about the posters was each one excelled in so many different areas of sport and culture. There were ki ...

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