by Crystal Dorey, Communications Officer, KMKNO

The Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaq Chiefs passed a resolution that asserts Mi’kmaq as the exclusive rightful holders of Aboriginal Rights and Title in Nova Scotia. The resolution reaffirms that the Mi’kmaq have title claim to all of Nova Scotia’s lands and resources and that Aboriginal and Treaty Rights, as affirmed and recognized by Section 35, to access these resources belong exclusively to the Mi’kmaw of Nova Scotia.

With numerous discussions in the media and cases being brought forward in the courts, the Assembly wanted to formally establish their position on this important topic.

“Nova Scotia is the traditional homeland of the Mi’kmaw and while we’ve shared our lands and resources with others, the Aboriginal and Treaty Rights of this region belong to the Mi’kmaw”, said Chief Terrance Paul, Assembly Co-Chair.

The Assembly wanted community members to know that the important discussion of our Rights in our traditional territory is an ongoing topic at the Assembly table.

“We provided a copy of our resolution to the Premier of Nova Scotia,” continued Chief Paul, “because it is important that we ensure that they are fully aware that we stand firm on who the rightful holders of Treaty and Aboriginal Rights are in Nova Scotia.”

The Assembly continues their work to ensure that Mi’kmaw Rights and Title are respected, honoured, and implemented; However individuals across the province have been coming forth saying ...

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