Dear Editor:

I can see great damage being done to Mother Earth, if the moratorium on deep-water irrigation wells is lifted.

There is enough damage caused by the use of poison pesticides and herbicides used by the large corporations to grow potatoes. It saddens me to see and hear about thousands of fish floating dead in our streams and rivers after a heavy rainfall. This has been happening year after year for too many years. If these chemicals can kill our fish then how safe are they for the human population? We hear of illness and death caused by these chemicals in our human population, among our brothers and sisters, in the animal kingdom and among birds of prey that depend on these fish to live.

Water is one of the Most Sacred Elements of the Mi’kmaq People. The Water, Air and Mother Earth, are all Sacred Elements, without anyone of these all life on Mother will die. All of these Sacred Elements are so interconnected that whatever we do to the water will affect the land and will affect the air.

I along with many others am against the drilling of deep wells for irrigation of the potato crops, as I believe it will only add to the problem of more water from the potato fields flowing into our once pristine Rivers and Streams, and seeping down into our water table. As Keptin of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council for the District of Epekwitk, I strongly recommend that the moratorium on high capacity deep-wells for potato field irrigation ...

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