by Atlantic Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative Team, MMNN Contributor

By now, we all know that being active has numerous health benefits for each and every one of us. Being active keeps you strong, lowers your blood sugar, strengthens your heart, keeps your blood flowing, and helps you live longer and better. Here’s the kicker though: Did you know that being active is actually fun!

Yes, I said it. It’s fun to be active! Remember when you were a kid, how much you enjoyed riding your bike around your community, swimming, playing road hockey, tossing a ball, hiking in the woods, and the list goes on? If you were to ask anybody, from our children to our grandparents, what one of their fondest memories would be; without question, the answer would involve a day out and about, likely with someone you love, where you were enjoying life. Nobody would say that playing a video while downing a bag of chips is memorable.

So, what has changed? Well, the world has. We have fallen victim ease and technology, and we very rarely take time to ourselves away from a screen. What does that lead to? Of course, there’s the issues surrounding obesity, but more important than that, our bodies and minds never get a break. We stare at a computer screen at work all day, or deal with other stressors in our lives, and then we come home and watch TV or play video games for the rest of the night. We don’t give our bodies and minds time to truly separate themselves from the stressors in life and to simply be in a place of joy.

Being active and ta ...

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