Did you know?
  • Salmon from the Inner Bay of Fundy are unique and found nowhere else in the world;
  • Total adult salmon populations have declined by over 95% in 30 years;
  • In 2003, an educated guess is that less than 100 adults returned to spawn in the 32 home rivers;
  • No one understands why they have declined;
  • They are at risk of disappearing forever; and
  • Atlantic Salmon is currently listed as Endangered under SARA.

Source: COSEWIC 2006 Assessment Summary.

If you have questions about Atlantic Salmon or other Endangered Species you can contact the Mi’kmaw Conservation Group at 902-895-6385 or email us at skavanagh@mikmawconservation.ca

Image courtesy of franky242 / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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