by Adam Gould & Heather Ternoway, NS office of AA & Tripartite Fourm

Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Nation Economic Development Strategy Available at!
Economic Development strategy’s cover page.

Economic Development strategy’s cover page.

The Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia have recently developed the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Nation Economic Development Strategy: Strengthening Our Nation Through Community Success, in recognition of the importance of a Nationhood approach to economic development in the province. The Strategy was completed with many stakeholders including community leaders, members, support organizations and the Mi’kmaq Nova Scotia Canada Tripartite Forum Economic Development Working Committee (TFEDWC). A very special congratulations and thank you is extended to everyone involved in the Strategy’s creation. The amount of time and dedication it took to complete the project is tremendously appreciated.

The project began in 2012 following funding approval from the Tripartite Forum Fund for Social and Economic Change (or Project Fund Committee). In addition to the support of the Tripartite Forum, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada and the Nova Scotia Department of Economic & Rural Development and Tourism contributed substantially to the Strategy’s production.

The Strategy is built on the principles of our Seven Sacred Teachings, a foundation for the Aboriginal and Mi’kmaw way of life. Our vision – through a Nationhood approach to long-term economic and social well-being that is grounded in Mi’kmaw culture and language, and connected to our land and resources, the Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Nation is vibrant and prosperous. The five-year Strategy outlines five priorities as well as achievable goals and objectives to move the Nation and individual communities forward. The Strategy’s scope is based on a broad definition of economic development that includes training, employment, strategic relationships and asset development. The Strategy is Nation-driven and community-led, recognizing and supporting the different opportunities, strengths and starting points for each community in the province.

In preparation for the strategy, an economic base study was completed to act as a background and to provide input and guidance for the Strategy. The base study contains extensive best practice and industry research and incorporates information gathered from a number of engagement sessions which took place with various stakeholders. Moving forward, it is the intent that the economic base study be utilized as a basis to provide additional context for the Strategy, as required.

The Strategy was then presented to the Assembly of Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Chiefs, who endorsed the Strategy on December 19, 2013.To view and download your copy of the Strengthening our Nation Through Community Success – Mawi’lukuti’k: Nova Scotia Mi’kmaw Nation Economic Development Strategy, please visit

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