Chief Rufus Copage waiting to get pied in the face.

Chief Rufus Copage waiting to get pied in the face.

The Chief Of Sipekne’katik Band is a very busy person. He is always attending important events and does his best to show his support for the community.

The second annual “pie in the face event” was held on March 20, in which Chief Rufus Copage was one of the main participants. The lucky winner who got to pie Chief Rufus in the face was Shaelyn Hamilton, the daughter of Ryan and Shannon Hamilton.

David Nevin of Economic Development was also one of the participants who by volunteering for the event helped to raise $1,075.00. The money goes towards field trips for the students at LSK at the end of the year.

The teachers at LSK also helped in the fundraising by also allowing the student to pie them in the face as well. Every student was given the chance to pie their homeroom teacher and every students name went in the draw to pie Chief Rufus. In Total 11 brave teacher and TA’s were hit in the face with a pie including vice Principal Jonathan Crawford and Principal Sarah Doucet.

Chief Rufus also participated in the Winter Challenge in which individuals were encouraged to be more active and people nominated others to jump into a brook or make snow angels in your summer clothes. It was a very popular event and many people participated however, Chief Rufus did it in style. He wore a suit and jumped in backwards. Chief Rufus was nominated by Brain Knockwood.

On March 28 Chief Rufus also attended the Graduation for Barry Brook, George Marr and Ida Mae Sylliboy who graduated from Carpentry school at Carpenters Millwright Trades College. Congratulations to all of the graduates.

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