Dear Editor:

Here is a copy of a letter I sent to his Honour Wade Maclauchlan, Premier of PEI.

“Thank you for your reply. On October 30th I received a e-mail from Helen, I understand from her letter that the funds are depleted from the program that might have been able to assist me.

We had a great turnout at our Book Launch, which took place at the Confederation Centre Library. We had approximately 75 people attend the Book Launch, and I sold all but three books. We were honoured to have the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly attend and speak at our event. See attached letter, I sent to him and to the Minister of Education.

MR. PREMIER, On Treaty Day October 1, of this year the Nova Scotia government signed a memorandum of understanding with Mi’kmaw leaders to launch a long-term initiative to teach the peace and friendship treaties in all schools, the civil service and the broader public.

As Keptin of the Mi’kmaq Grand Council I strongly challenge the Province of Prince Edward Island to also begin the process to have our Mi’kmaw Treaties taught in all the schools in Prince Edward Island, to the civil service sector and the general public.

The stories of our Mi’kmaw People and our solemn Treaties have been ignored for too long in this Province, and have been absent from the Educational System as well as the civil service, and the general public. This has to change.

It is too bad that the Provincial ...

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