by Daniel N. Paul, CM, ONS, Mi’kmaw Elder and Historian

Team of horses owned by Isaac Basque, with Ivan Knockwood. Implementation of the Centralization Plan saw two Band Members owning teams that were used mainly to twitch and haul logs out of the woods, also some farming, the other team was owned by Alexander (Sandy) MacDonald. Photo Courtesy of the Elsie Charles Basque Collection.

Fancy cars were not part of my young life, I thought, at the time that they were something that was only enjoyed by white folks, for us, old clunkers. In this regard I’ll always remember the old clunker that the late Ivan Knockwood owned in the early 1940s, it was the only car on the Reserve. It had to be started by a hand crank located in front of it. By the way, Ivan was once the Chief of the Shubenacadie Band.

One Sunday, when I was about six years old, we had gone to mass in the old church that was located at the front of the reserve’s Cemetery. I, as usual hungry, after mass took off running for home in Brown Flats to have something to eat.

Upon entering the house ...

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