Dear Editor,

On April 7, 2017 I received from the Historic Sites and Monuments (HS&M Board) Board of Canada Excerpt from the Minutes of September 2016, in reference to my request to have General Amherst’s name remove from the National Park Site at Rocky Point PEI.

After sending them a petition with about 600 names on it and evidence that Amherst’s main intention was to exterminate the Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the rest of North America, we sent them as well copies of his hand written orders that were found in the Library of United States Congress, ordering the spreading of the Smallpox virus, among the Indigenous Peoples of North America. He had his military inoculate Blankets with the Smallpox virus and gave it to the Indigenous Peoples as gifts. The small pox virus caused many deaths among the Indigenous Peoples because Mi’kmaq and other Indigenous Peoples of Canada and the rest of North America had no immunity to this virus. Many Indigenous communities were completely wiped out from this biological warfare.

Despite the evidence we provided, it is obvious that the colonial racist attitude of the 18-century still prevails within the National Historic Sites and Monument Board of Canada, which is also part of Parks Canada.

As you will see below in excerpts from minutes of their Board meeting,

Discussion and Recommendations

“The Board discussed the request at length and could not recommend that t ...

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