Aboriginal Wellness/Gladue Court and Provincial Court Services Established at Wagmatcook

On April 20th, a MOU was signed between the Provincial Court of NS, Waycobah and Wagmatcook Communities. Photo by Nova Scotia Legal Aid

Provincial Court services will soon be established in Wagmatcook First Nation, including Nova Scotia’s first Gladue or specialty court. The court will support the cultural needs of aboriginal people in conflict with the law.

Justice Minister Diana Whalen announced on April 24, that the province is investing $286,000 in the new court, which is expected to open later this year in the Wagmatcook Cultural and Heritage Centre. The Wellness and Gladue court will serve residents of Wagmatcook and Waycobah, and provide provincial court services to residents of Victoria County.

“I want to thank all of our partners, including Pam Eyking, MLA for Victoria-The Lakes, for joining us in a historic partnership that brought the firs ...

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