Dear Editor;

The following is a open letter to the Eskasoni Chief and Council, Chief Terry Paul and the Membertou Powwow Committee;

The spirits of Noel & Judina Marshall, Joe and Kate Michael and the unborn child of Kate, gave thanks to the family members and the community of Eskasoni on the 28th of September 2017, during a ceremony. That day, the sky was dark and when all of the community completed the final prayers on the shores of Eskasoni, the dark clouds separated and the blue skies appeared as if the spirits of our family members were giving thanks, if they looked upon us that day.

On behalf of the family of Noel & Judina Marshall and Joseph & Kate Michael, and the unborn child of Kate, we express our deep heart-felt appreciation to the many people who made it possible for the final closure for the memory of the family members who were murdered on March 29 th, 1936.

A monument was purchased and was placed in the graveyard facing the Bras D’Or Lake. Now they will always be remembered and honoured by the community.

Our family would like to take this opportunity to give special thanks to so many people.

Thank you Chief Leroy Jown Denny and the Council members who donated in helping pay for the monument. We also thank Charlie Morris’s family members with all their kind donations.

Many thanks to the community of Eskasoni who never forgot this tragedy over the years. We thank the late Greg Jo ...

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