Dear Editor:

In 1995, I had an opportunity to travel to Holland with my Grandfather Sandy Julien. After many conversations with my grand father about his desire to visit some cemeteries where some of his friends and comrades were buried our family thought it was about time we took him. Uncle Keith Julien, cousins Jim Hepworth and Lorne Julien and myself booked some tickets to Holland.

We had no idea where we were going and the only one with any experience in traveling abroad was cousin Jim. We had six days to find some Canadian War cemeteries to see if we could find granddad’s family and friends who died during WWII. After getting accustomed to the time change, currency and culture the first day we started talking with the people of Holland to get us pointed in the right direction.

Transportation was a thrill for us. We started with cabs every where but had to figure out how to use trains before we went broke from all the taxis. We also figured out that trains don’t stop for anyone including my granddad who almost got killed by a train. It would have been diffic ...

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