by Shirley Christmas, MMNN Contributor

Hello & welcome to this special edition of Shirley’s Corner as you know it is the day before the eve of Halloween. It never ceases to amaze me how at times when I want an item I could never find it. I could ransack a hundred-room mansion and would not find that one thing I am looking for.

It has been about a week or so since I have been searching for the old window screen, which is still MIA. Oh, I forgot, some of you don’t know about the magical screen which is a portal between my world and Spooks Creek, home of my dear friend Apexia the old witch & her zany crew.

Remember that night when Buddie & Nitap first met her and the other spooks now that was hilarious; I still laugh when I think about that night. I never seen those two squirm so much as they did that night; it was months before they were brave enough to visit me again.

A knock on the door Gabbie goes to answer:

Gabbie: You’re late Apexia!

Buddie: No kidding & the name is Buddie in case you forgot.

Gabbie: What do you want and make it quick?

Buddie: Nothing, just maybe borrow a few things from yah.

Gabbie: No and no, now leave.

Buddie: Fine I’m outta here I know when I’m not wanted. A fine friend you are can’t even help an old soul with a few extra treats.

Gabbie: That’s what you said last year then ...

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