Letter to the Editor:

Ron “Ronnie Moose” Julien, relaying the AFN’s message regarding the Indian Act. Photo by Dion Denny

To the Union of Nova Scotia Indians attending the 48th Annual Assembly in Halifax, Sunday October 1st, 2017. I would like to thank everyone who attended the assembly and gave me such a rousing reception, and for the thunderous applause and standing ovation.

All I did was deliver a message from the AFN in regards to the Indian Act, who told me that the changes in the Act would have come from you, the people. So I encourage you to set new goals, especially with the younger generation of Mi’kmaq in years to come.

Special thanks to the Treaty Day Committee and Deborah Ginnish for helping me to attend the Treaty Day Celebrations each year and for the great success they have in planning the event every year.

Yours in Unity
Ron Julien
“Ronnie Moose”